This product is a two in one product blended especially for us

  1. Activated biochar
  2. Worm castings (vermicastings)

Our Biochar is produced by American Biochar, from single-sourced, renewable feedstock and added to freshwater-sourced Humate that is derived from naturally occurring humic shale (ancient, decomposed plant life) making it immediately bioavailable to soil. This product increases the surface area of the soil so it holds nutrients and water better.

Our worm castings are provided by Back to Earth Vermicastings who use organic pre-compost inputs and organic inputs during feeding.

Together, these products:

  • Minimize transplant shock
  • Natural decompaction of heavy day soils
  • Promotes root regeneration
  • Improves root habit
  • Introduce beneficial microbes to support long-term tree health
  • Increases tolerances to climatic stressors
  • Provides late succession soil characteristics

If you are purchasing more than one tree, be sure to adjust the quantity to match.